WiOn Means…… Only On When You Program It!

In this day and age, modern technology is constantly evolving to create innovative ways to manage your household appliances, HVAC systems, security needs or major home accessories.

Fully 73% of homeowners indicate that they focus on two main concerns regarding their homes on a regular basis. They are interested in how they can enhance the security of their home and increase their homes power consumption efficiency. In short, they want safe homes that are also cost-efficient to live in!

WiOn products were invented to address just those types of needs. From a pure engineering standpoint, more power is wasted in your home due to systems functioning when they don’t need to be, than just about any other area. No one would knowingly leave their home to go to work….and make it a point to leave the door to their refrigerator open. This would waste energy, cause the appliance to work harder than needed and of course cause your electric bill to skyrocket. Yet we think nothing of leaving lights on throughout the interior and exterior of our home when we leave for the day. We may inadvertently leave coffee makers on, irons and other small appliances which not only increases our electric bills……but may also be unsafe.

When you incorporate into your electrical management system WiOn outdoor timer outlets for hot tubs, water heaters, pond pumps, fountains, etc., you are able to ensure those water features are on when you are home to enjoy them and off (saving you money) when you’re not. With WiOn outlets, you can make sure your hot tub is hot and ready to go when you walk through the door of your home and not costing you money by running the heating element when you are at work.
You can even manage your hot water heater with WiOn digital outlets. If you are gone for several days, your hot water heater doesn’t need to keep the water in its tank at a high temperature. That is wasting money that you could be saving! Yet, the outlet could just as easily turn the heating element back on a few hours before you are scheduled to return home so your hot shower is ready when you are. THAT is how you efficiently manage your homes power consumption in the 21st century.

When you install WiOn outlets and switches in your home or apartment, it is not a question of will you save enough money on your electric bill to cover the cost of the WiOn products…….it is simply a question of how soon will you recover your investment with WiOn products? The more you incorporate the WiOn switches and outlets into your homes energy management plan, the more you will realize significant savings on your electric bill.

These same products will increase the level of security needed in today’s environment for your home or apartment. Today, more sophisticated burglars are trained to watch for homes that leave lights on during the day light hours to appear as though the home is occupied once the sun goes down. If you leave town for a few days and your lights are on the entire time……all you are doing is increasing your electric bill while the burglars are watching your feeble attempt to convince them you are home during the evening hours.
Security lights serve two main functions. First, they are used to surround your home with a barrier of light during the evening hours, which will discourage uninvited visitors who fear being observed by the homes occupants or neighbors. The second function is to let burglars know that the home or apartment is occupied so they will move on to an unoccupied dwelling where their chances of discovery are much less. For that reason it is imperative that your exterior security lights and your interior habitation lights are activated and deactivated at normal, realistic times that reflect the dwelling being occupied. It is precisely these abilities that WiOn switches and outlets are able to support whether you are actually home or not.
Amazingly, these sophisticated WiOn products are easy to install. In most cases, anyone with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers can replace their standard, old-fashioned switches and outlets with these state-of-the-art WiOn products. The instructions that accompany our outlets and switches are very easy to follow and straightforward in their directions. WiOn is the perfect do-it-yourselfers project to upgrade your home power management and security plans.
Please review our products on our website so you can see just how amazing these devices truly are. Once you have replaced your old out-of-date outlets and switches with WiOn products, you will wonder how you ever managed without them.