Make a Resolution You can Keep this Year….. Be More Energy Efficient with WiOn!

Energy Savings New Year’s Resolution

There used to be a saying that went “….only two things are certain in this world, death and taxes!”  Well, now you can add one more item to that very short list of certainties.  Your energy bills will always continue to creep upwards.  It seems that no matter what you do, each year most of us spend more money on our electric bills.

You may not believe this but, it can cost you as much $131.40 annually to keep one incandescent light bulb burning year round!  That is $10.95 a month!  Let’s do the math.

An incandescent light bulb costs about 50 cents and lasts (on average) 750 hours.  If you were to leave a 100-watt bulb burning 24 hours each day, 365 days per year, it would use around 876-kilowatt hours per year, (1000 watts equals one kilowatt).  If a kilowatt hour of electricity costs on average .15 cents, your light bulb will cost you $131.40 (876 kWh x .15) per year to operate! Even a 75 watt light bulb will cost you roughly $75.00 per year if left burning.

Fully, 50% of all households leave at least one light bulb burning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  The most common reason for doing this is to enhance the home’s security.  Many people find it easier to simply leave a light burning during the daylight hours… ensure it is on when they return home during the evening hours.  This is an especially common practice for people who leave their home during daylight hours and return after sunset.

Hidden Sources of Kilowatt Waste…..

Light bulbs are just one example of energy waste in your home.  If it costs you $131.40 to leave a light burning 24 hours a day throughout the year, then that actually means that you are wasting $65.70 a year on that one bulb. Another way to look at it is if you were only burning that bulb during the evening hours… could be saving $65.70 per year on that single bulbs usage!

What other areas are you most likely wasting energy (and money)?  Well, if you leave a 150-watt computer turned on all year, it will cost you about $150.00!  Outdoor security spotlights of 150 watts could be costing you as much as $600.00 a year…..meaning you could be wasting up to $300.00 per year by burning them during daylight hours. 

A 140-watt television that is left on even 12 hours a day will cost you as much as $70.00 per year.  However, if you actually only use your TV for 4 hours a day (the average for adult usage) that cost drops to $47.00 per year.  Hence, you could be wasting as much as $23.00 per year!


According to a report published by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the United States is just 39% energy efficient across its entire energy usage network!  Put another way, more than half (61%) of the energy that flows through our economy is ultimately wasted.

Many experts argue that even 39% energy efficiency is overly optimistic.  Noted Physicist Robert Ayers and his colleagues estimate that true energy efficiency in the U.S. economy is closer to 14%!   Their study goes on to state that even the best efficiency rated homes are on average only 65% energy efficient.  Why is that number so low considering the advances in thermodynamic designs of building materials?  The answer comes down to human energy consumption waste.

While it is true that older homes may not be engineered as well as newer homes…and older building materials were not as efficient as the materials used today, it appears that our personal energy usage habits still are not well conceived.

When we consider that many people will use the running of a hot shower to warm up their bathroom or turn lights on in rooms they never enter or leave ceiling fans running when no one is even in that room……it becomes apparent that we are not always thinking about efficient energy usage.

WiOn….does the thinking for you!

For the first time, we are able to actually manage our home electronics and hard-wired power outlets and switches installed in our homes.  This is a game changer when it comes to helping to lower your personal energy waste.

Given the choice, most people would turn off outside security lights and indoor lights……if they knew they could remotely activate them after dark before they returned home.  Just as they would remotely turn off computers, televisions, counter-top appliances, etc. if they forgot to deactivate them before leaving home…..if they had that option.  Well, WiOn is that option!

This is not just about conserving your own power consumption through more efficient electricity management; it is also about making things last longer.  If you can make a computer or television last years longer by turning it off when it does not need to be on, then you are increasing its life expectancy.  This means fewer natural resources need to be consumed on a planetary scale to replace these products which would otherwise “wear-out,” sooner…..not to mention saving you the replacement expense as well.

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions to try and save money or lose weight.  We “resolve,” that our efforts for the incoming year will reflect positively in areas we see the need for improvement.  For 2017, perhaps we should make a New Year’s resolution to try and not just save money but help our planet as well by being more energy efficient.  Go GREEN with WiON…..both for the environment as well as in your pocketbook!

Happy New Year!

Most people fail at their resolutions because they are simply too hard to keep.  Well, WiOn products make keeping a New Year’s resolution to save money on your electric bill and help our environment simple to keep!  Just try one of our amazing products and see for yourself why WiOn may be one of the smartest investments you ever make.  With WiOn the future is TODAY……and your 2017 New Year’s Resolution to save money may be the first resolution you ever keep.