Quick Tips to Simplify Your Life

WiOn Helps Simplify Your LifeWiOn Home Automation Helps Simplify Your Life



One of the areas that most people agree they need to work on is in simplifying their lives.  The definition of such simplification means different things to different people.  Whether it means learning how to say “no,” to extra projects and undertakings or simply using a WiOn product to turn on your outdoor security lighting before you arrive at home, simplifying our lives can be the key to a healthier and less stressful life.

Decades ago, leading developers of technology would make the argument that as new technologies are brought into our lives, we would benefit through the automation of mundane but necessary activities. We were also told to expect massive savings in time spent on such tasks due to these advancements as well.

However, research (and our own experiences) seems to indicate that the exact opposite has happened when it comes to technology freeing up more time for us to pursue more personal or meaningful activities.  As technology has become more a part of our daily lives, we have simply filled the time such technology saves….with more things to do!

It appears that the simplification of our daily activities by adding more technology to support those efforts has not rung true in most cases.  No doubt some technologies have benefited us by easing the burden of having to remember certain tasks that once required manual activation and oversight, but, in most cases our lives have not enjoyed the relaxing benefits such automation promised.

20 Years Ago Most People Couldn’t Set the Clock on their VCR’s!

“Advancing technology for most companies have outpaced the learning curve of most people who use it,” so says one of the leading Industrial Engineers on the planet today.  Most people today don’t know how to use every feature on their Smartphone….even though they are paying for those features when they buy that device.

The same factors were in play decades ago when VCR’s first came out.  The old joke was everyone could activate the unit to record, play, fast forward or rewind the tapes inserted in them….but only “techie” types could actually set the inboard clocks to the correct time on them!

A lesson that should have been learned by manufacturers of advanced technology unfortunately was missed by most of them.  That lesson was that for advanced technology to truly make the consumers life easier and simpler…..that technology should be intuitive, practical and reliable.

1. WiOn Technology…Intuitive, Practical and Reliable

The engineers at WiOn didn’t miss those lessons.  On the contrary, they took them to heart.  One of our strongest company beliefs is our commitment to not just building advanced technology products, but to build products that will actually contribute to a safer, simpler and more relaxing life for our customers.

2. You will find that WiOn products are intuitive in how they are easily programmable and incorporated into your daily life.  Our products are practical in that we design our outlets, switches and timers to fill specific needs to address specific applications.  Whether they are used to turn on your coffee maker in the morning or ensure you are returning to a safe and well lighted home in the evening, WiOn products are not “gimmicks,” they are tools to simplify and enhance your life experience.

3. Finally, WiOn products are above all else reliable.  You simply set them and forget them.  The only time you will ever need to interact with them after the initial set up is if you choose to change any timer settings.  Other than making such adjustments at your discretion…you will find they are virtually fool proof.

Turn Your 20 Year Old Home of the Past…Into a Smart-Home of the Future!

We have developed “smart-outlets,” and advanced technology switches with programmable timers integrated into receptacles and next generation power strips.  WiOn products can turn your home into a “Smart-Home,” of the future….today.

To truly “simplify,” your life, you need to make it more manageable.  To be able to reliably count on the practical application of intuitively controlled “smart-switches and outlets,” means that your appliances and kitchen devices can anticipate your needs.  Your home will become more secure and your power consumption (and its associated cost) will decrease.  Your entertainment devices or laundry room clothing iron will never be accidentally left on again.  The possibilities are endless.

In short, WiOn will help you to simplify your world.