Smart Switches…

Just How Smart Are They?

WiOn Smart Switch

There are smart homes and smart phones, but what is a smart switch? A smart switch is a high-tech device that you control from anywhere using your smart phone. The switch is actually an intelligent receptacle. This means that you can plug in any device such as a lamp, appliance, electric device (TV or Stereo) or fan and using a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile internet connection, you can power it on or off!

This device is so smart that all you have to do is plug it in. Install the free downloadable WiOn app and connect to it with your smart phone and take control of any device plugged into it! It is truly that simple. The WiOn digital technology is fully functional using 3G/4G/LTE cellular connections or a standard Wi-Fi network.

You can actually control up to 12 WiOn devices with one smart phone. Whether it is interior lighting, holiday lighting, electronics or appliances…this smart switch will change the way you manage devices in your home. You can simply your life by turning your home into a smart home with the WiOn indoor smart switch that automates your home from anywhere using Wi-Fi.

Apple App Store – Google Play

The WiOn smart phone app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or from Google play to your smart phone. Once it has been downloaded and activated you can use the smart switch (‘s) in your home to provide you peace of mind that an obvious level of security represents that you are present…even when you are not. The smart switch will also generate savings on your energy bill!

Some of the advantages of the WiOn smart switch technology are that it requires no digital “hub” to manage or “supervise” the devices throughout your home. There are no monthly fees to pay for this proprietary service. You don’t have to set up some type of crazy configuration to program a WiOn device. Finally, the WiOn device is portable or mobile. This means that you can move a smart switch from one room to another or you can even take it from location to location. As long as there is a Wi-Fi signal present, the WiOn smart switch is ready to go!
Smart Switch….Switch On!

So let’s think about all of the benefits of incorporating a smart switch into your home. It is obvious that you can use a WiOn smart switch to turn lights or lamps “on and off.” However, once you get past the basic advantages of employing a smart switch in your residence, what are the additional benefits you will experience?

• You can control any devices that are plugged into your WiOn Smart Switch through your smart phone.
• Your WiOn smart switch can be controlled from anywhere. You can be at work and turn lights on at your home before you arrive.
• Home security is enhanced through the simple fact that the smart switch can add the appearance that your home is occupied even when it is not!
• By turning off devices and equipment in your home when they are not needed, you stop wasting power. That means you save electricity….and money.
• Safety is enhanced when you can remotely turn off dangerous appliances or equipment. If you leave your iron on, no more worrying about a fire hazard if it is controlled by your WiOn smart switch.

WiOn is not just a company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge technologies, but it is a company that is committed to world-class customer service. Once you purchase a WiOn product, you will find unparalleled support from our technical support employees. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with your WiOn product and if you have any questions we are there to answer them for you.

WiOn Smart Switches are just that…..Smart and they will switch the way you think about remote technology and how it can improve your life at home. With our 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by bringing WiOn technology into your home!