WiOn…Science…Not Science Fiction

The Future is Here with WiOn Smart Outlets and Smart Switches

Science Not Science Fiction - WiOn Smart Outlets and Switches

Twenty years ago when you watched a science fiction movie at the cinema, it was always interesting to wonder if the technology demonstrated in the film would ever actually make it to the real world?  It was fun to watch all of the futuristic products and technologies that were going to be invented over the next several decades.

Well you no longer have to wait for the future for these new, cutting edge technologies.  With WiOn…science fiction has become simply…science.  It is hard to imagine that our vehicles are now packed with advanced technology…..but for most of us, our homes and apartments are still using electrical outlets and in-wall switch technology that was used before cars required seatbelts!

We can now remote-start out cars, arm our residential alarm systems, do our banking…all from our smart-phones…..yet we still have not been able to control and monitor our homes lights and appliances until NOW.  WiOn can allow you to set your lights to turn on at dusk or program your fan to turn off after a set amount of time…from anywhere.

Indoor Wi-Fi In-Wall Light Switch

This WiOn product is unlike any other on the market today.  It allows you to control electrical devices from anywhere, using only your Smartphone.  This is a product that makes for a great home-improvement project.  The patented, advanced technology switch comes with a free phone app that works with Apple or Android smart devices.  Simply download the app then connect your device to your Smartphone using your existing Wi-Fi router or over your 3G/4G/LTE network and you can immediately bring affordable, advanced home automation from the future into the present.

This new advanced switching technology is both programmable and capable of remote monitoring and operation.  It requires no “hub,” to function and there are no monthly fees required to use it.  You can schedule multiple on/off programs, countdown programming or program random applications to enhance your home security.  You can even program sunrise and sunset scheduled execution commands.

Think of it, for less than $40.00 you can start to transform your residence into a 21st century “Smart Home!”  Once you download our free WiOn smart device app, you can control up to 12 separate devices…all from your Smartphone!  Wi-Fi enabled In-Wall Light Switches are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  They provide management options that can not only enhance your residences security but save you money as well.


One of the main features of WiOn products is the simplicity of how they are installed and activated.  While you can choose to use a professional electrician to install the in-wall switches if you choose to…the installation process is no more difficult than simply replacing a standard wall switch!  If you can follow simple installation instructions and you have replaced a wall switch before, you should be able to install our WiOn products with ease.

WiOn products are part of the “Internet of Things,” also known as “IoT.”  Products that are “IoT” enabled are physical devices or “smart devices,” buildings and other items that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and digital network connectivity.  This network connectivity allows these objects to collect and exchange data so they can be managed and programmed by you. In short, these products are smart and being smart they allow you to communicate with them so you can remotely control appliances, lights, fans, security devices, etc.

Finally, everyone knows that if you leave electrical devices running when you are not home, you are wasting electricity and money.  If you waste electricity it means that you are wasting power.  Every time you waste kilowatts, you are wasting natural resources that are used to generate the power to supply your home with electricity.  It is estimated that the average residence wastes almost $600.00 a year by not managing their electricity usage as efficiently as they could be.  The impact on our environment from wasted power production is even greater.

WiOn…..Why Not?

Let WiOn products help manage your electricity usage.  Depend on a simple, smart and green technology to bring the future of power management into your home.  Once you see how easy it is to upgrade the current level of automation in your home to the 21st century, you will wonder how you ever go along without WiOn.  Perhaps the better question to ask yourself if you are not already a WiOn user is……Why not?!