WiOn Smart Switches and Outlets ARE NOT Just For High-End Homes…

WiOn Smart Outlets and Switches Not Just for High End Homes

Although your home will feel like one with WiOn!

One of the major trends for homes being built today is to integrate as much technology into the construction as possible, like video doorbells or a WIFi smart switch.  What used to be considered “futuristic,” in home design became known as a “Smart-House.”  Today this new home technology is simply referred to as standard “state-of-the-art,” design integration.

However, if you have a home that is more than seven years old, the only way you can incorporate the same technological upgrades found in today’s “high-end,” homes is to embrace the WiOn approach to upgrading much of the older technology used in yesterdays residential construction.

What makes a “Smart-House?”  In general terms it is a structure that is interconnected through hard-wiring, cabling or Wi-Fi that allows major systems and/or appliances to communicate with each other.  This is what allows a home to turn on inside lighting upon your arrival, start your coffee maker in the morning while you are in the shower and perhaps turn off your ceiling fans when you are not present.  Such a sophisticated and construction integrated type of technology is normally expensive and difficult to retro-fit.

WiOn Technology is the Smart-House Answer!

However, WiOn has addressed this challenge by developing high-tech products that will easily replace your standard electric outlets, light switches, power strips and power outlets.  These products can duplicate “Smart-House,” capabilities through basic switch and outlet replacement.  While integrating WiOn products into your primary residence makes a great deal of sense from a comfort and cost-savings standpoint, there are other applications for WiOn’s advanced technology products that may not be as obvious to you.

If you own a vacation cabin or cottage, integrating WiOn indoor WiFi outlets and indoor WiFi switches into that location could be a brilliant decision!  If you were to install electric outlets that provide service to your hot-water heater for an example, you could remotely turn it on before your arrival to ensure you have hot water when you walk through the door….just as you could turn it off upon your leaving to reduce your electric bill.

This same concept could be used to manage your heating element on a hot tub on the back deck just as our technology could replace the “On-Off,” switch for your furnace.  You could activate your furnace before your arrival to ensure your vacation home was toasty warm when you get there.  Then you could deactivate it remotely if you forgot to turn it off upon your exit!

No one likes to walk into a completely dark house if they arrive after sunset.  For that reason, to be able to remotely connect with your exterior and interior lights and turn them on is not only comforting but it can from a practical standpoint, increase your personal safety.  Who wouldn’t prefer to walk into a well lit home in the middle of the night?

What does it cost to retro-fit WiOn products into an older home?

One of the great things about WiOn products is that they are easy to install yourself.  While some people who have never installed a ceiling fan or replaced a bad electric outlet or wall switch may prefer to hire a professional to install our products, the instructions that come with each item are simple and easy to follow.

In every instance, the cost of purchasing and installing a WiOn product in your home will be offset by the savings you will realize in your electric bill.  In short, once installed and used to their full potential, WiOn products will save you money.  Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with being able to ensure that appliances and devices that could be dangerous if inadvertently left on, can be remotely turned off or the simple comfort that comes from arriving at your well lit destination after dark.

In the coming months, we will begin sharing innovative ways that WiOn products can be used to make your life more comfortable, safe and cost-effective by simply using them to turn your home into a “Smart-House.”

In fact, we suggest you take the WiOn Challenge.  What is the WiOn Challenge?  The next time you are walking around the interior or exterior of your home, cabin or vacation cottage, every place you see an electrical outlet or wall switch, look at what it controls or provides power to and ask yourself this simple question.  WiOn?  We believe your answer will be Why Not?!