Avoid System Wide Security Hacks with WiOn!

Avoid System Wide Security Hacks with WiOn!

Feel Safe and Secure with WiOn Wi-Fi Outlets

Every day you read about computers and servers getting “hacked.”  Each time this happens it is a horror story for those who are the victims of a data breach.  The results of such a system hack can be catastrophic, which is precisely why WiOn components are the products of choice of digital security experts for their own homes.

Most people think of a computer or system “hack” as the illegal insertion of viruses and software “moles” that will invade your system and cause software application damage.  These viruses and bugs can shut down your server or computer, lock you out, corrupt valuable data and literally hold you hostage.

However, these illegal system intrusions can also steal important personal data like banking information, credit and medical data, social security numbers and tax information.  They can “hack” your emails and steal or modify important business data that can be not just embarrassing but also damaging to your company.

The bottom line is that in many cases, you won’t have even realized your computer or system has been hacked sometimes for weeks or months….and in some cases, you may never find out!   So the question becomes….what can you do to protect yourself from this type of data intrusion?


Digital system security experts will tell you that the most common access point for a computer or system wide intrusion is through a Wi-Fi port.  As you may imagine, there are software applications and scanning equipment available today that does nothing but “ping” Wi-Fi signals to try and find a simple, minimally secured signal point.

Some of these breaching points are through Bluetooth applications, hard-wired cables and of course through Wi-Fi signals.  Once a hacker has broken through your Wi-Fi threshold, they then have access to your entire system!  Even if you change your Wi-Fi passwords at a later date, they can install hard to find programs that will continue to give them access to your computer or system.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected printers and scanners that are attached to your computer are also subject to these breaches.  While many people will install sophisticated encrypted security programs on their computers or servers…..they many times overlook their printers and scanners.  These components become easy access points for hackers.

The best way to protect your computers is to ensure that all of your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipment are compartmentalized and that a breach of one does not allow a breach into other components.  This is a common security practice for the military and sophisticated intelligence agencies.

Consumer Driven Product Access

Unfortunately, most consumer products that are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable do not have a great deal of digital security built into them.  These products do not traditionally reflect advanced security measures being incorporated into their designs. It is quite common for Smart-Houses to have so many appliances and components “communicating” with each other that hackers are able to find an unsecured access point through minimal effort.

Most people do not ever think of changing the factory installed passwords on appliances and components they purchase and bring into their home so once a hacker finds out what the factory default settings are…..they simply need to know what brand of electronic device you are using and they can use a pre-installed password to gain access to that component.  Once they have breached that component they can then infiltrate the rest of your system.

WiOn is a Better Idea!

With WiOn components and products you are protected in three ways.  First, we do not take digital security lightly.  We do our best to ensure we are securing our products from unauthorized hacking or intrusions.  Our components are designed with digital security in mind.

Second, since our products are compartmentalized, you don’t have to worry about them leading to other servers or computers.  You simply access them with your phone and that is the only components that they can communicate with.  You can turn a light on or off or you can power up (or down) an appliance or individual piece of equipment….but you can’t access other systems.

Third, hackers already know that if they “bump” into a WiOn component while they are surveying active Wi-Fi signals in a home or office….it is a dead end for them.  There is no reason for them to even attempt an intrusion on a WiOn outlet because it leads them to no other computers or servers.  It is an isolated component that cannot impact other systems.

Learn what steps you need to take to secure your computers and systems.  Make sure you have high quality passwords on your components and servers.  The Internet-of-Things today allows so many electronic components and appliances to communicate with each other that a security breach on one piece of equipment can lead to system wide digital intrusions.  Remember, to enhance your digital security, a good place to start is with WiOn components and products.