Longevity is the point

Laptops are becoming more user-friendly. Most manufacturers now offer easy access to repair manuals and spare parts online.

Laptops are becoming more powerful than desktops, and people are looking for ways to make them smaller. A new type of laptop is being developed that lets you change out the processor inside. This means you can use an older processor in a newer laptop, or vice versa.

A computer that can be customized to your needs. You can change the ports as you wish.

Dongle is a slang term used by computer programmers to refer to a device or piece of hardware that plugs into a computer port. A dongle is usually an external peripheral such as a USB flash drive, but could also be a wireless adapter.

Framework’s new modular repairable laptop looks good too

A new hardware startup is trying hard to sell you fewer new devices. Its first product is a laptop which lets users replace or upgrade every single component on their own. This means customers won’t have to pay a premium when repairing parts, and won’t have to buy an entire new laptop just to improve a specific component.

Nirav Patel wants to repair old devices instead of buying new ones. He thinks that this is the right thing to do because people buy new products every year. This means that there is a lot of waste. The company wants to change this by making it easier to fix old devices.

The startup company is building an ecosystem around repairable electronics. A lot of companies have failed before them at similar ideas. Their plan is ambitious, but if they can convince enough customers and components vendors to get on board then they could offer a much needed alternative to tech that seems to be disposable by design.

Making a more resilient laptop

He founded Framework because he wants to make sure that people who buy his product know how much work went into making it. He also wants to ensure that if something goes wrong with his product, it won’t break your bank account.

The industry isn’t going to fix themselves.

Cracking laptops is bad because it damages the whole computer. But cracking screens is okay because it doesn’t damage the whole computer.

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