How Understanding Your Brain Can Help You Learn

I think this person needs some help with math. Her fear of failing might be holding her back. Maybe she should try taking a test or two.

There are many people who give up before they even try. Some people believe that they aren’t talented enough to succeed in something. Others think that they might fail if they try.

People who think they are gifted should be encouraged to study hard and do well in school. They shouldn’t be told they’re smart because they were born with an innate ability. Instead, they should be given opportunities to develop their abilities.

The problem with talent

Millions of children start school excited about what to learn, but soon become disillusioned when they realize they aren’t as smart as other people. Parents and teachers inadvertently give out this message, and children begin to feel bad about themselves.

Young people entering college are often afraid of math, and their fears impact their ability to learn. Learning is possible at any age, even if you were born without a brain.

Girls should be encouraged to excel in math because it’s important. Boys shouldn’t be discouraged from studying math because it’s for girls. People of color shouldn’t face any obstacles when trying to excel in math or other subjects.


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